About Goldsmith Teas

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let's have a cup!
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family owned and operated
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Goldsmith Teas sources only the finest tea from five continents to bring your palate a world-class selection of regional flavors to delight the senses. Never had anything but bagged tea? No problem. Goldsmith Teas is here to answer all your questions, from proper preparation, to different flavors, combinations, and history, our wealth of knowledge is yours to gain.

Are you a tea aficionado? Great! Our selection will help you dive further into the exquisite world of fine teas.

As you taste and discover more about this ancient beverage, Goldsmith Teas wants to introduce you to the extraordinary new ones, and refreshing takes on classic flavors.

Tea is a drink as old as 2700 BCE and is enjoyed by billions of people around the world every day. Goldsmith Teas strives to ensure that every cup of our fine tea is, truly, one in a billion. Let’s have a cup!

Will and Tea

Please call 530.539.4716 or email to place your order.